Our Facility

Our large 3,000 square foot facility in rural Auburn has three spacious rooms, each dedicated to a specific developmental stage. We feel that having the classes separated allows us to better teach your child, free from the distractions of the other classes. It also emphasizes peer-to-peer interaction. The large play area is also divided into three separate sections based on the children’s age and gives them plenty of room to run and play.

Play Area
The grounds of Bell’s Preschool offer the most unique environment of any preschool in Auburn.

TreeStretching out over four acres, it is truly a farm setting. We are proud to have a variety of fruit trees including cherry, pear, plum and pomegranate which we use as a teaching tool.

Children are taught about the process of fruition and how the trees change throughout the seasons. In the autumn the children participate in the harvesting of some of the fruit, even milling apples and making applesauce by hand.

PigIn addition to several gardens surrounding our facility we’re also fortunate enough to have farm animals on the grounds including pigs, chickens and a horse, all of which the children get to feed.

PumpkinThese are just a few of the many unique experiences offered by Bell’s Preschool that will greatly enrich your child's learning experience.


Bell’s Preschool emphasizes learning activities that engage the children, physical activity, and a strong emphasis on sharing, teamwork and mutual respect - on their birthday each child is honored and celebrated.

We believe that parents are the first and primary teachers to their children. Together as partners with you we hope to nurture and educate your child in a healthy and happy environment.