Our Philosophy

Lorrie Bell"I believe that children thrive by doing and experiencing. At Bell’s Preschool we practice hands-on activities that encourage growth and thought from our students.

Because of this we have minimal electronics on site and instead
incorporate interactive crafts and
hands on activities for our students.
  –– Lorraine Bell

Lorraine Bell founded Bell’s preschool and has personally operated it since 1983. She is certified in "Multiple Subject" teaching credentials with special emphasis on early childhood development. Lorraine is directly involved in the care of the children on a daily basis.

Hands-On Learning

In our instruction we place a strong emphasis on tasks that can be directly experienced through the five senses, since the ability to think in abstractions is only just beginning to develop.

By experiencing tasks through tangible experiences the formation of concepts and abstractions is greatly enhanced and the senses stimulated.

SUMMER PROGRAMSummer Fun - Sandals

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More Fun Activities

Activities that occur throughout the year include:

  • various field trips throughout the summer
  • water balloon toss
  • water activities
  • obstacle courses
  • treasure hunts
  • squirt gun painting
  • bounce houses
  • science experiments

... and MUCH MORE!

Boy   Outside Group

Making Stuff

Relaxed Farm Setting

Blackberry PickingOur unique, farm-like setting gives children the opportunity to have experiences unlike any other daycare in Auburn. Surrounded by cherry, apple, pomegranate, pear, and plum trees we have the opportunity to teach the children about how plants and fruit trees grow. In autumn the children participate in harvesting the fruit from the trees and they even get to experience making applesauce by hand!

In addition to fruit trees and gardens we also have several farm animals including pigs, chickens and a horse. The children get to feed the animals and learn about the life cycle in a variety of forms. Our setting also affords the children the opportunity to learn about recycling, composting and emphasizes the importance of being environmentally conscious.

Sleep Overs

TelescopeOnce a year we have a sleep over for the school age children in mid August, near the time of the Perseid meteor shower.

Cone at Night

In addition to watching meteorites and playing “Flashlight Tag” the kids get to churn their own ice cream by hand.

Live Demonstrations


In the interest of further developing our student's safety awareness and in teaching cooperative respect we organize periodic visits by local emergency crews.

Sheriff Deputy

Auburn's local agencies are kind enough to provide us with dazzling onsite demonstrations that always leave the children inspired.

It's our hope that personally interacting with these men and women of service will garner in our students trust and a sense of community.

We'd like to express our thanks to them!

Share Day


Every week includes a day designated as “Share Day”. During this event the student brings an item from home and provides a brief presentation in front of the class about it, helping to develop their public speaking skills. The other students then have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments. The item is passed around the circle for everyone to see.

During playtime they are asked to take turns with the other classmates playing with the object.

In addition to teaching patience and sharing we believe this activity helps teach children to organize their ideas, present these ideas to their peers and improve their overall communication skills.

Lorraine Bell Making Ice Cream 










         Lorraine Bell serving ice cream that
         the kids helped make.



Bell’s Preschool emphasizes learning activities that engage the children, physical activity, and a strong emphasis on sharing, teamwork and mutual respect - on their birthday each child is honored and celebrated.

We believe that parents are the first and primary teachers to their children. Together as partners with you we hope to nurture and educate your child in a healthy and happy environment.